aerosun® Kubus, Wetterschutz und Sonnenschutz als Carport

aerosun® – CUBE

Project details

aerosun® CUBE – light impressions from our exhibition

Enjoy a comfort zone in a cube  

The functional aerosun® cube has many names: relax zone, smoking area, meeting point, wellness oasis, outdoor kitchen or garden living room. Decide for yourself how you want to use this aesthetic stainless steel construction covered with a sail.

The aerosun® cube is available in different sizes. Illumination, subtle heating systems and side screens, to protect you from wind or for privacy, can be optionally integrated. The cubes are also available as a system, which can be connected together. For whichever reasons – too much sun, rain or snow – our cube will keep you safe all along the year.

aerosun® Rollsegel (Sun Furl System) Firmenlounge, elektrisch

aerosun® – ROLLER SAILS (Sun Furl System)

Project details

Our expectations on aerosun® roller sails (Sun Furl System) are high, therefore we only use quality materials that have their origins in the yachting sector. All masts and wall anchor plates are made of robust stainless steel profiles with an attractive surface finish (optionally powder-coated) The winding spindle consists of a custom made anodised aluminium chamber profile with internal tubular motor and integrated piping profiles. These serve the possibility for fixation of taut sails and ensure wind stability and safe water drainage during rain. The electric aerosun® roller sail (Sun Furl System) will be delivered with a wind and rain sensor which protects against excessive loads by uprising wind and heavy rains to retract the system automatically.

aerosun® 365 5-point sail

Project details

  • All year membrane structure, 27 m²
  • Durability of the membrane made of aeroplan: 10 years
  • High tensile strength

aerosun event screen 250 m² with company logo

10 point membrane construction shaped with webbing belt edges. Three parts of the membrane are designed deeper to establish presentation areas protected from extreme weather conditions. The complete membrane construction is based on a webbing belt structure (like a spidernet), with a stainless steal mast in a length of 8 meters. Here, the event screen was set up at Amy Macdonald’s concert at the ‘Raiffeisenbank Kultursommer in Altötting’.


aeronautec Mehrpunkt- Sonnensegel, Ganzjahressegel- wasserdicht, Schneefest & sturmsicher


Project details

  • retractable roof structure, 112 m²
  • Durability of the membrane made of aeroflon® PTFE 25 years, high translucency.
  • Tensile strength: 4.300 N/5cm
aeronautec Membranbau Dachterrasse Überdachung Firmengelände Gastonomiebereich, inkl. Statik, Wetterschutz für Holzterrasse

membrane roof for high terrace

Camba Bavaria, a brewery in the beautiful village Seeon in the Chiemgau aera, has requested a membrane roof from aeronautec for its new high terrace. After an intensive planning phase, a completely asymmetrical roof concept was developed. The arch supported roof construction now covers an area of about 100 m2. Now both, the staff and guests, can enjoy the interesting feeling of space below a membrane roof construction. The surface can now be used in all weathers conditions for a variety of events as rain and sun protection. We thank BrauKon for the order and their courage to create an architecturally eye catching terrace roofing.

football Stadium – roof for the grandstand

The sports facility in Vaterstetten near Munich has chosen a new roof for the grandstand of the refurbished football stadium. The company aeronautec has received the order after a well done consulting and a professional survey to exchange the 11 membranes made of PVC polyester. Within 4 months, aeronautec was able to complete the roof construction with a roof area of 800 m2. The municipality of Vaterstetten was thus able to punctually use the new roof structure for the second half of the season 2018/19 again.