aeronautec Membranbau Dachterrasse Überdachung Firmengelände Gastonomiebereich, inkl. Statik, Wetterschutz für Holzterrasse

membrane roof for high terrace

Camba Bavaria, a brewery in the beautiful village Seeon in the Chiemgau aera, has requested a membrane roof from aeronautec for its new high terrace. After an intensive planning phase, a completely asymmetrical roof concept was developed. The arch supported roof construction now covers an area of about 100 m2. Now both, the staff and guests, can enjoy the interesting feeling of space below a membrane roof construction. The surface can now be used in all weathers conditions for a variety of events as rain and sun protection. We thank BrauKon for the order and their courage to create an architecturally eye catching terrace roofing.

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